A Few Words About the Human Resources

In QSS, we take very seriously under consideration the selection of our personnel.

Our desire is on the one hand to select staff with the appropriate formal qualifications, on the other hand, our firm policy is to offer additional training by our specialized executives and external collaborators – trainers in:

  • Fire Safety & Fire Protection
  • First aid (CPR - use of a portable defibrillator)
  • Escort of high-status individuals
  • Self-Defense (Ju-Jitsu) - Self-protection
  • Lifeguard
  • Business communication
  • Body Language & Recognition of Suspicious Behaviors
  • Whatever it might be needed concerning the particular needs of each guard

Our executives have many years of experience in the field of private security, which makes them have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and are able to meet every customer requirement.

We come to fill the gaps in security services that do not only concern new technologies but also the appropriate relationship with the customer.

The selection of our staff, the training we provide and the constant and human contact with them, are the appropriate tools for this purpose.

Why Us

Because the experience of our founders, our human resources and the network of our external partners, guarantees the high quality of the services provided.


Our vision is to be established as one of the highest quality and most innovated company of security services in Greece.

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Guards, gate services, security systems, VIP escorts, patrols, accompanying covering and surveillance, etc.

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Contact us in order to discuss your needs for security services for your premises or your business facilities.

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