Quality Security Services


To be established as the most quality and innovative security services company in Greece.

Quality Security Services


To offer the highest quality security services, both in human resources and security systems.

Quality Security Services


To gain the trust of the most demanding customers, who are really interested for their personal safety, the safety of their family and business.

QSS Services

Innovated security services by high qualified personnel with a lot of experience in the field.
Standing Guards 24/7

We undertake, with specially trained personnel, 8-hour, 16-hour or even 24-hour guarding.

Embassy Guards

Complete solutions in guarding embassies and diplomatic missions.

Gate - Reception Services

Manning control and entry-exit positions for vehicles and people, in in any kind of building. Also covering guard positions which requires reception knowledge.

Security Systems

We provide personnel with experience in the design, installation and maintenance of security systems, as well as fire safety.

Vip Protection

Highly trained, responsible, discrete and polite bodyguard professionals are committed to guard and escort high-status individuals, occasionally and on a permanent basis.

Vehicle Patrols

Ability of control with a patrol vehicle, at regular intervals 24/7.

Private Investigations and Check Points

QSS with its partners, provides research and space detection services, with high-tech machines.


Studying of the event area and preparation of a guard plan, according to the requirements of the place, the event and the needs.

Transfers With Luxury Vehicles

You can trust QSS for your transfer to and from airports, hotels, outings, conferences etc.

Accompanying Coverage and Supervision Services

Escorting minors to school, activities and outings by experienced personnel in order to prevent abduction, and bad habits or influences.

Why Us

Because the experience of our founders, our human resources and the network of our external partners, guarantees the high quality of the services provided.


Guards, gate services, security systems, VIP escorts, patrols, accompanying covering and surveillance, etc.

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In QSS, we take very seriously under consideration the selection of our personnel, collecting individuals properly qualified.

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Contact us in order to discuss your needs for security services for your premises or your business facilities.

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