Standing Guards 24/7

We undertake with specially trained personnel 8-hour, 16-hour or even 24-hour security services.

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VIP Escorts

Bodyguard professionals, committed to guard and escort high-status individuals.

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Embassy Guards

Complete solutions in guarding embassies and diplomatic missions.

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Vehicle Patrols

Security checks with the company’s patrol vehicle at regular intervals and 24 hours a day.

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Study of the event venue and preparation of a guard plan according to the requirements of the event.

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Transfers with luxury vehicles

Transfer with luxury vehicles to and from airports, hotels, conferences, etc.

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Gate – Reception Services

Control positions, entry-exit of vehicles and individuals, in any kind of building.

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Accompanying coverage and supervision services

Escorting minors to school, activities and outings in order to prevent abduction, and bad habits or influences.

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Private Investigations and Check Points

Private Investigations and Check Points

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Security and Fire Safety Systems

Study, installation and maintenance of security systems and fire safety systems.

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QSS Education & Training

Υπηρεσίες Εκπαίδευσης και Κατάρτισης

QSS with its partners, offers to all its personnel specialized training, for any kind of guarding it undertakes.

In addition, it provides consulting services to companies, as well as special training programs, to those interested in developing special skills related to security services, such as:

  • Security Management
  • V.I.P. Close Protection (Basic & Advanced)
  • Violence Dynamics
  • Human Intelligence & Secured Surroundings
  • Training Security Guards for Buildings and facilities
  • Critical Decision Making
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Combat First Aid
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Body Language
  • Communications master skills
  • Security Coaching & Mentoring

QSS in the sector of education, has excellent organization and quality, having all the appropriate infrastructure with the necessary material equipment for the trainees, issuing the corresponding certifications, with the validity of the company and its associates.

Why Us

Because the experience of our founders, our human resources and the network of our external partners, guarantees the high quality of the services provided.

24/7 Security Services

We undertake, with specially trained personnel, guarding of buildings, patrols with vehicle, accompanying coverage and supervision of children - adolescents, etc.

100% Satisfaction

We are here to fill the gaps on security services, who does not only concern new technologies, but also the proper relationship with our customers.


Our vision is to be established as one of the highest quality and most innovated company of security services in Greece.

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In QSS, we take very seriously under consideration the selection of our personnel, collecting individuals properly qualified.

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Contact us in order to discuss your needs for security services for your premises or your business facilities.

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